JED’s Mignonette

Oyster season on Galveston Bay is a favorite time of year for the JED’s family, and we really double-down on our local bivalves when the season peaks in late December thru February. My oyster-crazed daughter Martha came up with this wonderful Mignonette we introduced to friends and family at our Christmas Open House a few years back…... Nothing like a sweet and salty oyster (Texan or otherwise!) straight out of the shell this time of year with a subtle little kick from JED’s Finest – we hope you enjoy!


¼ Cup JED’s Finest Sweet-Cured Jalapeño Slices – Drain and rinse slices, reserving 1 Tablespoon JED’s Brine.
¼ Cup Apple Cider Vinegar


Dice Jalapeños finely. Combine Cider Vinegar, Tablespoon of reserved JED’s Brine and Jalapeños in non-reactive bowl and refrigerate overnight. 


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