A jalapeño a day keeps the doctor away!

Exerts from the Thursday, August 5 issue of The Daily News article by Dr. Nobert Herzog and David Niesel 

Chilli peppers and the Southwest - in- separable, right? My family loves them, and we’ve been known to enjoy Mayan hot chocolate with that chili bite during the winter. Over many years at the university, I had a colleague who would always pack a lunch for work And part of that lunch was always a thumb-sized jalapeno chili pepper. Every day, my coworker sliced it in half and ate it fresh. As a Texan, this person believed that "a jalapeno a day keeps the doctor away.' A new study shows pepper lovers have lower rates of death from heart disease and even cancer compared to those who never or rarely consume chili peppers. This new report was presented at the American Heart Association annual research meeting. 

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