JED's Cream Cheese Dip with Tajin

Another throw-down recipe for all those entertaining opportunities that come along in life – either at home, on the road, or as a houseguest (works well no matter the season -- Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall!)




2 – 8oz packages Neufchatel Cream Cheese (HEB, Kroger brands will do)

½ Cup of Mayonnaise of your choice (Duke’s or Hellman’s preferred)

3 Tablespoons JED’s Finest Sweet-Cured Jalapeño Slices – diced

3 Tablespoons JED’s Brine straight from the jar

1 Tablespoon Tajin Classico Chili-Lime Seasoning



Start by letting the Neufchatel to soften  before adding it to a mixing bowl. Add Mayo, chopped JED’s, JED’s brine, and Tajin to bowl and mix together well. Spoon mixture into a serving bowl, smooth top and arrange JED’s slices on top for presentation.  Cover and refrigerate for a couple of hours, then add a sprinkle of Tan on top before serving. Recipe can be doubled or halved as needed. This recipe is great as hors d’ouevres or use as a spread on your favorite sandwich – you’ll be glad you did!


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